style watch  - Saverio Pisano, Los Angeles Tailor and Designer, Reveals the Secret to Timeless Style. 

Fashion is an expression of who you are inside and out. When customizing your look, it's the details that will truly show off your style.  We spoke with designer and custom tailor, Saverio Pisano, who shared his secret to achieving a timeless style.

Success for Pisano started with training at a young age.

Pisano began his training as a fashion designer in Italy when he was just five and a half years old. Pisano developed his talent in Paris and Milan and then spent several years in Argentina dressing first ladies, diplomats, and high society. He founded a prominent fashion design school in Argentina called PISANO and has written a well-respected book on pattern making called The Tailoring Bible.  Today, Pisano focuses on the Los Angeles fashion scene with his unique ability to create timeless style for women and men through his custom tailoring business.

What exactly is timeless style?

"When a person is wearing a tailored garment by me, it can be emotionally powerful, and the impact is based on how the person carries themselves in the clothes they wear. We can instantly tell if the clothes are wearing the person or if the person is wearing the clothes. The secret is in the patternmaking of the garment and the work that is done by hand," says Pisano.

Pisano is a unique designer and like many artists in the fashion world is creative and spiritual.

"I am a perfectionist when it comes to fashion and tailoring for men and women. Part of my training was the study of anatomy and the process of discovering ways to design garments that enhanced the parts of the body that clients wanted and visually transformed the parts that they didn't like."

What is the secret to timeless style?

Pisano says, "Every season, a new fashion trend is born that is diverse with details that are meant to stand out with a true personality of the creator. People who seek custom garments and haute couture are eager to be noticed. The secret to my success is how I interpret fashion. Like any other form of art, it is necessary to master the technique of patterns. An artist that also understands patternmaking can create timeless works of art that are the vision of the designer and the discerning client."

Being based in Los Angeles is considered a blessing by the custom tailor since he can produce the same level of stylish garments that have been worn throughout the world by celebrities and high society. "Having the opportunity to have worked and to currently work with men and women who embody a strong, yet an effortless sense of style is what I am grateful for every single day."

"I am continually inspired to design and create dresses, suits, and gowns that communicates sophistication and power," says Pisano. "I have always dreamed of being a great designer. In the middle of the night, I often wake up to sketch models that were in my dreams, and to make notes of the style in my vision. I was born to be an artist and feel blessed that my talent remains sought after. Being creative is a gift, and it makes me feel free."  For LA Scenes Style take a closer look at Saverio Pisano’s designs and learn tips from this expert about how to achieve your own timeless style. Article Sponsored by: Saverio Pisano

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