Spotlight- Behind the Scenes with Actress Tracey Birdsall - 

L.A Scene Magazine had the pleasure of doing a unique cover shoot at the Malibu home of Tracey Birdsall.

We sat down with Tracey to discuss one of her newest leading roles in the upcoming film to be released, "Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter." Tracey shared with us what it was like filming for the role and keeping her weight at just the right level for the movie.

She casually mentioned the challenge of eating more food than normal and how she would finished other people’s food during meals to add the extra pounds.

One of the challenges she met during the last segment of making the movie was having to add back the extra pounds for scene updates made towards the end of shooting the movie, say's Tracey Birdsall. 

 "It was a challenge having to put back on the weight- after loosing some of the extra weight needed for the role."  We asked Tracey how she stays in shape on and off set. For this particular role Tracey states. "it was a challenge as I had to put on extra weight for the movie, and eat more calories than I would normally eat on a given day."

The Interview: I asked Tracey to share some of the ways she stays in shape. She told me one big tip is avoiding sugar, working out daily, drinking plenty of water, and eating as clean as possible to avoid any extra toxins. Her role in this movie is much like her personality strong and persistent.

If you’re a true fan of Sci-Fi, and would like to learn more about the movie, Tracey is currently signing autographs this week, and making an appearance at Comic Con in San Diego. What you may not know about Tracey is how she got her big break in acting and the journey along the way to stardom. Our video interview shares the behind the scenes footage of her history, and childhood start at her singing career.

Actress Tracey Birdsall has won Actress of the Year of Women in Film at the Women in Film Forum, presented by WeLink Media Groups, at the United Nations. Birdsall, star of such films as Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter and Who’s Jenna..?, was presented with the award at the Delegates Room Dining Hall at the UN on March 15th.

The Women In Film Forum, initiated by WIFF founder Ira Houston in cooperation with the United Nations, was first held last year during the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Now a permanent part of the CSW, the forum this year invited some of the world's most influential women filmmakers and artists - including film and television star Birdsall - from all around the world to participate.






Birdsall’s film Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter, was directed by Neil Johnson, and was screened at the festival. The versatile actress was currently in post-production on two up-coming television series “Age of Darkness” and “The Time War”.

LA Scene's photographer Paul Rodriguez took an up close and personal MOCK photo shoot of Tracey at her home at the time in Malibu CA - during the interview. Taking photo's of Tracey in everyday wear off the  set. -Be sure to Subscribe to the latest digital and -see more photos and featured highlights.-

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