Getting Fit from Home. Setting your fitness goals from home seems to be the new normal for 2021.

A new year and a new healthier you is one of the more popular resolutions people like to set each year.

Health coach/wellness blogger Remi Ishizuka and partner Nate Pontious (ISSA , NASM , Pain Free Performance Specialist Certified, CrossFit Coach Certified, USA Boxing Certified trainer) share their inspiring fitness journey of launching HōmeBodies, a hugely popular new fitness program and thriving community they creates to share 1 new workout everyday, 365 days a year from their living room. HōmeBodies was born out of Remi and Nate's passion for moving their bodies and sweating daily and how they found a sense of normalcy and routine during pandemic lockdowns.

We would love to also give you a complimentary HōmeBodies membership to see the duo in action and experience the place they created for anyone who wants to incorporate fitness into their life for the long run, for their health, and happiness.

Remi Ishizuka (pronounced ' Ray-Me'), is an LA based fitness and wellness blogger with a passion for healthy living and self-care. She originally started her blog to document her homemade healthy meals, and that escalated to her love affair with working out and how the combo of the two was making her feel SO good.  HōmeBodies co-founder Nate Pontious (and Remi's boyfriend), has the certifications and education when it comes to working out, including ISSA (International Sports Science Association), NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine), Crossfit Level 1 Coach, and USA Boxing trainer (sheesh). He has boxed at the semi-professional level, raced triathlons, competed as a top-level CrossFit athlete, ex military, and won a world fitness championship. He gained a deep knowledge and appreciation for fitness during his time serving in the US Marine Corps as an infantryman.

Together, cheerleader Remi and coach Nate make the perfect team because they are so incredibly different (Nate is more extreme and Remi more balanced) but their commitment to growing and giving their best to changing your life is how they meet in the middle.

How HōmeBodies Got Started
The day the governor shutdown gyms in California, Remi & Nate decided to hop on Instagram and share their how to workout without a gym. Since that day, They've been showing up Monday through Sunday at 9:00 AM without fail - rain or shine. They made it so that all our readers had to do was get dressed and turn on Instagram live every day at 9:00 AM. It was the best things they did during the quarantine - connecting through sweat, finding a new routine, and creating a sense of normalcy during a really scary time. They changed platforms to hold their workout videos because Instagram Live crashed a lot, there were annoying spammers, and they weren't allowed to play copyrighted music. With the new Homebodies new platform, they can now give better quality video shot horizontally to fit computer and TV screens.

What Makes HōmeBodies Unique?
Since launching in early August, Remi & Nate have committed to uploading one brand new 1 hour workout every single day. They release seven brand new workouts a week - that's a new workout EVERY SINGLE DAY. And each workout is created with their in-ear coaching style as they guide you through the entire workout, reminding you to have the right form and keep moving. Instead of boring repetitive circuits and basic movements, they are always challenging you to move in different ways.